Stage It Up - Helping You Prepare Your House For Sale
Stage It Up Professional Home Staging Services of The Woodlands, Texas will help you prepare your house for sale.  The three key elements are ensuring the property is Clean, Clutter-free and has the right balance of Color.  Home Staging is not decorating; it is re-designing a space so that it will appeal to the most potential buyers.
Home Staging is the art of re-desiging a house to look its very best so that it is in "Picture Perfect" condition to be competitive in today's market to sell quickly and for the most money.
Stage It Up will tour the property inside and out to assess what changes need to be made to transform your house to look its very best and in "Showing Condition."
Why Should You Have Your House Staged?
~ Did you know that 90% of buyers are now previewing houses online and that only under a dozen will make it on their "must see" list?  You want your house to be one of them!
~ According to, nationwide statistics reveal that 95% of Staged Homes sell on an average of 29 days or less vs. un-staged homes which sit on the market an average of 90 days or more.
~ House Staging helps you avoid the extra cost of paying two mortgages while waiting for your property to sell.
~ Remember, the Cost of Home Staging is only a fraction of the cost of the first markdown on your house.